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How does a drilling mud pump work?

2023-05-05 21:44 862 views

As an important equipment for oilfield drilling operation, a drilling mud pump delivers circulating high-pressure drilling fluid or drilling mud to the bottom of the oil well, flushes the bottom of the well, breaks the rock, cools, lubricates and clean the drill bit, and carries the cuttings back to the ground.

The drilling mud is also used to suspend and carry out drill cuttings from the drill bits as it is brought in and out of the hole. This ensures that the drill bit does not clog and overheat, and makes the entire drilling operation smooth and safe.

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  • What is the working principle of a drilling mud pump?
    ‌Rotational power is supplied to the mud pump through an external power source like a diesel engine or electric motor. The power end of the mud pump converts the rotational energy through a crankshaft to a reciprocating motion of pistons.
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  • What consist of a drilling mud pump?
    ‌The drilling mud pump is a horizontal triplex single-acting piston pump and consists of two main sections: power end and fluid end.
  • Where does a drilling mud pump work?
    ‌A Drilling Mud Pump is the heart of the mud circulating system.Generally, the type of triplex single action drilling mud pumps is widely used for oil and gas well drilling.